I have known since I was very young that my path was to be an artist. Throughout my life I have studied and tried several different mediums, from sculpture, to photography, drawing, papercrafts and even textiles. But the last 8 years my main focus has been oils. Most recently I have been trying new ways to incorporate paints in mixed media and fine drawing, as I continue to challenge myself to create a versatile body of work.
I see my artwork as the transformation of nature by means of both color and texture. I seek to reinvent the world through a different lens, either by my expression of organic forms or through the creation of intriguing characters. Delving deep into the soul of each painting, I encourage others to draw from each work their own meaning and their own stories.
In particular, I am drawn to both the female figure and the female story. They of speak to sexuality, love, and the endurance of mind and spirit. I want people to ask “What is her story?” and “What are her innermost thoughts?”, and embrace the multifarious quality of each work.

Studio Veiw1A view of my studio inspiration board…