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January Sketchbook and Illustrations

Sketch3_2014I’m hoping to keep more up to date with my blog by posting new sketches each month. I find myself sketching more and more lately as I have changed more of my focus over to drawing. Drawing as fine art has become more popular over the years as not just simply a drafting process but as a fine art. It’s something I love to do, and it makes me happy to know that I can still be taken seriously as a fine artist who draws. Here are some sketches as well as some finished illustrations for the month of January…




NovaArt1_2014 Art Artist Drawing Illustration

This one was beautiful to mess with in Photoshop. I may do a few more variations..

NovaArt1_2014 Digital Art Artist Drawing Illustration


New Year, New Website

The last year has been full of changes, and the new one should be full of more. Hopefully all in the right direction. One such change is my brand new website. So may I present to you new


At least I got one resolution done this year. As for the resolution to keep up with blog posts in 2014, well, I guess we shall see… Happy New Year!

Drawing Series

I’ve been working on a drawing series colored with oil paints.

I have gone for simplicity thus far; but I also have plans for some larger and more complex drawings. This is what I have worked out so far…





Some Unfinished….

Drawing 3

Drawing 2

Hopefully I will have some nice prints available soon.

Bonsai Show Painting Sneak Peek

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to design for the posters and T-shirts for the Santa Cruz Bonsai Kai’s 25th annual show. Along with the design I was also commissioned to create a painting based off of the design for the show.

This painting is to be silent auctioned off at the show with part of the proceeds benefiting the club. This is a sneak peek of the painting (not yet framed). I hope you will come by and see it along with the many works of art, and living art at the Santa Cruz Museum of Modern Art.







The show takes place Sat March 23 and Sun March 24 at the MAH Downtown Santa Cruz. Not only will the be beautiful trees and art on display, but 2 demonstrations as well by world renowned bonsai artists whose tress will be raffled off.

Come by, pick up a new tree and discovery your own creativity, or buy a T-shirt and help support our local bonsai club.


Bonsai 5-2 AD7.5x10_Black2


39th Annual Fungus Fair

The 39th annual Santa Cruz Fungus Fair is coming up this weekend. Once again I had the opportunity to hang my mushroom paintings for the show.


2013-mushroom 2

Santa Cruz is a unique place to be able to hold such a fair and has garnered some national attention.  Yes the east coast has heard! The Fungus Fair has even made a list of primo foodie events in the culinary hotbed of Brooklyn this year.  Mild winters and wild fungus, more the reason to come visit.

Here is a like to the  FFSC webpage for more info: