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Keeping up with the Kids

So I admit it! I can’t seem to keep my resolution to keep this blog updated. And of course after procrastinating for a month… I decided to procrastinate a month more.  I guess it’s the way of life when you have kids.

Kids keep me busy.

Extended stays at the hospital keep me busy. (That’s a whole other story!)

Homeschool stuff… that keeps me busy.

Teaching art classes… that keeps me busy as well.

Since I started art classes, I’ve had to create quite a few samples. This has actually taken a bit of time and energy, but it’s been great fun. I think that I’ve benefited as much as the kids from these classes, especially since I have had the chance to learn so much about other great artists. So, I thought I might have a bit of fun here and show off my lovely examples from my class. If you don’t already know, the class is Art and Great Artists. Each week we are creating our own artwork based off an artist!

Inspiration: Henri Matisse

Inspiration: Henri Rousseau

Inspiration: Henri Rousseau

Inspiration: Friedenreich Hundertwasser

Inspiration: Friedenreich Hundertwasser

Inspiration: Henri Toulouse Lautrec

Inspiration: Vincent Van Gogh

Inspiration: Marc Chagall

Inspiration: Jacob Lawrence

I sure hope the kids have inspired as much as I have. Perhaps I’ll post more after a few more months of classes…

Next week maybe some new paintings.

Discovery Center Learning Art and Great Artists

Every week my children and I attended some great little classes for home-based learners at a local community run school. Heck, I wouldn’t call this a school per-say, more like a small community that wants to encourage all children (whether homeschoolers or public schoolers) to be life long learners and not to be limited to what they can learn in “school.”

The Discovery Learning Center is a volunteer run non-profit, and I’m very excited to be one of those volunteers by running a new art class for them. Art and Great Artists starts January 20th and is aimed at kids aged 6-12. We’ll be starting out with one of my favorite artists Chagall.

Like I said, DLC is a non-profit. That means they rely on donations, and this has left them lacking in art supplies ( I know, I looked in their supply closet). I REALLY would like to make this art class great, and keep the prices low. I would HATE to have my kids fighting over glue sticks and paint brushes. So with that, I’m donating all my profits from now until Feb 28 2012 to the Discovery Learning Center for art supplies for all classes, and possibly if there is enough, to sponsor a family. This includes all my paintings at the January Mushroom Festival and paintings posted on Etsy and my website.

DLC is a really wonderful community that has been growing to serve even more children as a great learning resource, and I would like to see it continue to grow, especially in a time when it seems education is on the chopping block. The DLC of course always accepts direct donations and you can learn more about their program HERE.