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Positive Creative Energy

Often times art seems to focus on negative aspects of life, or become overly political in what it has to say. Artists are so passionate about an idea of change by means of their work, sometimes shocking or grievously expressing it in order to say something. Even more so, as the world experiences tides of political, social and financial turmoil, things can seem downright depressing. That’s why I want to keep things positive in my artwork.

Positive change through positive ideas.

The theme I’m working on is all about the circle of life; life to death, yet the uplifting aspects of life as people who experience both joy and sorrow. Also carrying this on to the theme of natures renewal, spiritual renewal, and keeping simplicity in life.

Paul Gauguin, What Are We? Where Do We Come From? Where Are We Going?

When I started working on this theme I was reminded of one of my favorite artists Paul Gaugiun, and his painting “What Are We? Where Do We Come From? Where Are We Going?” Beautiful questions to answer, and questions I believe less pondered in this humdrum modern life. That is why I want to expand on it.

Here is one of my recent paintings…


Nova Silbaugh, Remembrance

Here is on of my sketches…

And many more to come…

Creative Resolutions for the New Year

Just a week into the new year, a time for change.

For me, I need to make some real creative changes. I’ve spent this last week thinking about the last two years.  I’ve had some big changes in my family life, but no real change artistically. In fact, I’ve been in a big creative rut and haven’t gotten nearly enough artwork done. So here an now I’m setting out some artistic resolutions:

1. Better time management. That’s been my biggest obstacle. It’s not that I’m out of ideas, believe me I have plenty of them, it’s that I can’t possibly get everything I want to do finished. Admittedly, there have been weeks when I just don’t get anything done because I’m lucky just to get a couple hours a week to work. I need to find more ways to get my artwork done, without sacrificing my family time. Maybe I’ll just clean my house less, but I’ll find a way.

2. Be more focused and carry through on creative ideas.  I feel like I have artistic ADD sometimes. Like I said, I’m not out of ideas. My big problem is I have too many and I tend to jump from one idea to the next. I leave a lot of unfinished paintings and tend not to carry through with painting series ideas. This is also partially due to my time management problem, I start working on one idea one week, and by the next week I have a new idea I can’t wait to embark on, and so little time to work on it! I’m just going to have to write my ideas out and then force myself be a bit more patient.

3. Explore new mediums. Part of my artistic rut has left me sunk in only one medium. oil painting was all new to me 5 years ago, and understandably so, that is what I focused in on. I love painting, but I really want to explore more with other mediums as well, and do more mixed media paintings. Maybe I’ll finally try out some woodblock printing, which I’ve been wanting to do for a long long time!

4. Draw more. I’m a pretty great draftsman and I need to be using those skills more. I would like to go beyond just doing my sketchbook and do some real completed drawings or incorporate them somehow into a mixed media piece.

I really want the new year to bring my art into new life. I’ve already gotten things off to a great start and I am doing much planning and lots of sketching. Times of renewal and the circle of life are themes that have been in my head lately. Here are just a few thing ideas I’m working on.. and there are so many more…