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39th Annual Fungus Fair

The 39th annual Santa Cruz Fungus Fair is coming up this weekend. Once again I had the opportunity to hang my mushroom paintings for the show.


2013-mushroom 2

Santa Cruz is a unique place to be able to hold such a fair and has garnered some national attention.  Yes the east coast has heard! The Fungus Fair has even made a list of primo foodie events in the culinary hotbed of Brooklyn this year.  Mild winters and wild fungus, more the reason to come visit.

Here is a like to the  FFSC webpage for more info:

Mushroom Fest Sneak Peek

I look forward to the Fungus Federation of Santa Cruz’s annual Fungus Fair every January. This year I have been invited again to be one of their many talented mushroom artists on display for the month.

As always I paint 2-3 new mushroom paintings for this festival. Today is just a sneak peek of one of those new paintings, as they are yet unfinished…

The Fungus Fair is a fascinating event for all ages that includes lectures on identification, arts and crafts for the kids, and even some mushroom cooking classes (YUM!)

The festival once again takes place at the Louden Nelson Center. You can see the artists’ work up after January 9th. The festival it self is January 13th-15th. Click on the little poster below for more info and directions.

Mushroom Festival

Mushroom Festival Art

Several of my mushroom paintings are set to be displayed at the Louden Nelson Center in Santa Cruz for the month of January. You can see a sneak peek of them HERE.

Come Join us for the Santa Cruz Fungus Fair January 9-10. You can find more info HERE.

Sweet Mushrooms Here They Come

Finally a camera in hand, I can take pictures of my newest work. Here is a sneak peak, with many more to come…

This is just the first 4 of many I am working on. Hopefully by the end of the week I will have a few more posted to my main site.

Showing a Bit of Love

Yes… I know this blog could use some love. But that just means life is happening.

The kids are being home schooled. Lessons have to be planned, field trips, the park, hour long bike rides, and of course art projects (which can often be a massive undertaking). I can find sparkles and paper scraps in the carpet, the kitchen, my hair, sometimes even the bed. But the mess, its worth it!

Its mushroom season, so for us this means hours of road trips and hiking. Some weekends we find our selves chasing rain, reports of mushrooms, and the ever elusive golden chanterelles, and our favorites… the black trumpet!

Does this mean I quit working? Heck no! In fact this has all served to inspire, so much so that I’ve ran out of canvas! 5 more paintings finished, 5 more on the way. But you will just have to wait until next week…

Until then… my elusive mushrooms….


always our favorite find.. the black trumpet…