Feeling Some Zen

It can be difficult to know where to start when making a new website, and a lot of pressure to get it done right. I think Novasilbaughstudio.com has progressed well in the last few months.

Of course simplicity has always been a must for this site, so that artwork could remain the main focus.  Out went my simple lovable bunnies, replaced by more sophisticated zen circles reminiscent of brush strokes.

Finally, after my photographic plight, I’ve gotten a grasp on how to better photograph oil paintings. It would seem as simple as taking a picture of a picture, but not really. It rather is a portrayal of a picture, nothing can stand up against seeing the paint up close, the brush strokes, and the layers of textured gesso beneath.

I went back and retook pictures of many of my paintings, and was able to capture them more close up. You can see the re-posts at my site, along with some extra detailed pics.

Since I have moved on to oil painting the last 2 years, I have been reluctant to post my acrylics. I went ahead and posted the last 5 on my site. Some I haven’t wanted to let go of, but, it’s time to move on to the better and bright future of oil painting. Life is always more exciting when doing new things!


Mother & Child

Acrylic on canvas (20×30)