Bringing New Light on Religious Art

I posted 4 more paintings on my website recently. Included are 2 of the largest paintings I have yet to have done. I have been trying to slowly move up to larger canvases, however studio room has been an issue.

Exiled 2009 (40×30)


I wanted to tell a story and use a religious theme for a change, bringing something from the past to the present. Looking at the story of Adam and Eve, the tree of life and the serpent are so often depicted. Instead I choose a different parts of the story, the creation of Eve and then the exile from Eden.

Several layers of thick gesso where used to give these paintings and intense and varied texture. Its difficult to capture on camera, but try zooming in and you should be able to see much of it.

I don’t often go for religious themes, however I have given some thought to doing some sort of homage to Paul Gauguin’s The Yellow Christ. One of my most loved artists…

The Yellow Christ 1889


You can see more of my work HERE.

[Disclaimer: The images posted here from artists other then myself are purely for educational and artistic value. The themes and images do not necessarily reflect my personal or religious beliefs.]