“Damn it Jim… I’m a Painter, Not a Writer!”

Writing an artist statement is quite possibly one of the most painful processes an artist has to go through.

I’m a painter, not a writer!  Besides, isn’t my art supposed to speak for its self?

My previous statement just wasn’t living up to the task, and was almost 2 years old. And with an art show looming, now was the time for a change. So, last night I set out upon this laborious task, and in just a couple hours, I had about 3 sentences.

I was plagued with my husbands constant disruptions as well. “Whats wrong with you? Why are you staring at me?”

I wasn’t staring at him, I was staring past him, to one of my paintings on the other side of his desk, pondering on the brushstrokes, and deciphering its deeper meaning, as if the words could just jump out of it and land on my paper, saying the things that can’t really be said.

Now after another night of almost no sleep, ( my body wants to sleep, but my brain does not), and then another 2 hours of contemplation, I managed to fit an explanation of the contents of my work into 3 small paragraphs…

My New Artist Statement.